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The Abrahams Tax and Accounting Services does more than crunch/run numbers and prepare taxes. We are tax and business consultants and our mission is to accompany you in every stage of your personal and business journeys, ventures and lives. Many accountants are only compliance oriented, and while compliance is vital, we understand that planning and organization are keys to your business success and we provide the tools needed.

There is always the right tool for the job, and we develop the best plan by listening, asking the proper questions and devoting our experience in the areas that most notably shape the function and direction of your business.  

The following are additional areas of our expertise:

Ø Benefits and Tax Credits

Ø Personal/Individual Income Tax

Ø Partnership and LLC Income Tax

Ø S-Corporation Income Tax

Ø C-Corporation Income Tax

Ø Tax Treatment of Investment Income

Ø Deductions on Investment Expense

Ø    Passive Activity and At-risk rules

Ø Basis of Investment Property

Ø Sale of Home

Ø Farm Taxes

Ø Capital Gains and Losses

Ø Rental and Investments

Ø Rental Income and Expenses

Ø    Mutual Funds distributions

Ø Taxation of Business Entity

Ø Tax Implications of Marriage and Divorce

Ø Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Ø Individual Retirement arrangement (IRA)

Ø Taxation of Social Security Benefits

Ø Tax Benefits for Survivors

Ø Life Insurance and Variable Annuities

Ø Trust and Financial Planning Tools

Ø Self-employment Taxes

Ø Corporation Income Tax

Ø Estates and Taxes

Ø Exempt Organizations

Ø Filing status and Requirements

Ø Estate Tax return

Ø Gift Tax Returns

Income Tax Services

Our individual income tax return services include a fast turnaround, so you can quickly get your money back. We’ll make sure you’re taking advantage of all the available credits and deductions so more money stays in your pocket.

Tax Planning Services

We provide businesses and individuals a range of tax-planning services. Proactive tax planning can now save you money and make tax time a windfall. To know more, contact us at (718) 231-6355 and inquire for a free initial consultation.

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