Income Tax Services

Income Tax Services

While it may sound like a good way to save money although filing your own tax return, it often ends up costing you long term. An inexperienced tax preparer can skip important credits and deductions to save money that could reduce the annual tax bill or make a significant profit.. While tax software provides some help, there is no substitute for a qualified professional’s real-world experience when it comes to tax preparation.

At Abrahams Tax and Accounting Services, we are always looking for new ways to support our customers hold more money in their hands, rather than giving it to the IRS. Whether you own a small business or are a person, in accordance with all federal and state tax legislation we have the ability to prepare the taxes. We provide timely, effective processing of all forms of reports from corporate tax declarations, multi-state taxes and income tax returns for individuals.

Nationwide Tax Preparer

Learn more about our Nationwide tax preparation services. Call us at (718)-231-6355 today or request a free consultation online.

Business Tax Preparation

Our company files tax returns for all types of business including sole proprietors, trusts, businesses and limited liability companies. We can also handle multi-state taxes on companies that have locations in more than one state.

Tax Returns for Individuals

Our individual income tax return services include a fast turnaround, so you can quickly get your money back. We’ll make sure you’re taking advantage of all the available credits and deductions so more money stays in your pocket.

Expatriate Tax Preparation

Citizens of the United States operating across the American, Mexican, or international territories require advanced tax preparation facilities. We are trained in international tax law, and are able to prepare and submit certain forms of tax returns online.