Tax Planning Services

Tax Planning Services

Careful planning is vital to keeping tax liabilities low for all types of small business. Do not wait until the end of the year, start planning the tax strategies for next year today by working with Abrahams Tax and Accounting Services. Our Nationwide Accounting firm has extensive expertise in tax planning and small business compliance. Abrahams Tax and Accounting Services understands how tax regulations apply to businesses in different industries, and how tax planning methods can be implemented to reduce your liability. The tax laws are constantly changing so we’re making it a point to be keenly aware of how updates and revisions can affect your business. And if you start a new business, we will be able to identify which business structure will provide the highest tax savings as your business expands.

We also provide people with income tax preparation, and discover ways to minimize the income taxes. With our help, you’ll keep more of what you earn at tax time and feel confident that you’ve taken advantage of all of the tax breaks that apply.

Tax Planning for Businesses and Individuals

We provide businesses and individuals a range of tax-planning services. Proactive tax planning can now save you money and make tax time a windfall. To know more, contact us at (718)-231-6355 and inquire for a free initial consultation.

Strategic Tax Planning

Economic decisions often have tributary implications. We must monitor the effective tax rate as your tax advisor and keep taxes down so that more income go to the bottom line.

Alternative Minimum Tax Planning

To cope successfully with this bill, we provide alternative minimum tax preparation and can file the necessary paperwork to decide if you owe alternative minimum tax.

Multi-State Tax Planning

Businesses operating across multiple states are prone to a number of complicated fiscal problems. We must insure that you meet with all Federal and State tax regulations.